Month: April 2012

Book Sale

“You’re getting a little scattered, don’t you think?”

Coyote kept his voice casual but he was fooling no one.

“What do you mean?” I matched his tone. No point falling into his trap by getting defensive. “I’m keeping up.”

“Keeping up … how, exactly?” He was helping me sort books. I was getting rid of a bookshelf. Spring cleaning. It had to be done. We had Loreena Mckennitt playing in the background to keep our spirits up.  (more…)

Writing for reading

A few months ago I attended a workshop to teach writers how to use social media. Bizarrely, I knew almost everything that was in that workshop – for my clients. I had even had a meeting with a client in the previous week and urged many of the things that were in that workshop. I had just never applied the advice to myself. So before I could frighten myself out of it, I bought and started this blog. That’s the first thing – to dare to be visible. (more…)

Doorway to Somewhere

This piece is inspired by a poem by Marge Piercy called Seven Horses. I riff on the idea of horses as symbol and mediator for the imagination.

I wish I had had horses. I wish I had thought of that. I like to think my imagination is one of my best features but I know that is a debatable point. At first the people around me like it when I say, “I have an idea!” but then it begins to happen that they run the other way. My ideas are too literal. I really mean them. Perhaps I would have drained a little energy if I had imagined myself riding the flying red horse from the Mobil sign. (more…)

Where to begin?

“I’ve been thinking about beginnings,” I said. I had been clearing the garden and had paused to marvel at some radish sprouts that were making a straggly line across one of the beds. Coyote was filling the compost bucket.

“In what sense,” he asked. “Spring? New life? Great Blue Heron eggs?” (more…)