weathermap Two of the company that will arrive in Viet Nam on Friday set out a few days ago to drive to San Francisco. Their decision is looking pretty good right now.

That storm is going to the south of me but bearing down on Philadelphia where I was scheduled to change planes for San Francisco. (It is also, and not incidentally, headed right for Dan.) 

One year ago when we set this date we based the decision on my intuition that we needed a year to prepare and promote. Also, in all honesty, I wanted the weather to be as comfortable as possible in Viet Nam and after the mild winter we had last year I was willing to take a chance on the weather here. So now March has arrived and is doing its in-like-a-lion thing and we are chewing our nails.

Every decision seems both momentous and portentious. Every detail takes on larger-than-life importance. Is the storm a Sign? If so, of what? We keep up our morale by deciding it is merely an obstacle to be overcome. Not wanting to make the mistake Bilbo made at the end of The Hobbit, we are careful about declaring it the last obstacle to be overcome. It’s just a challenge. Nothing much. Figure it out.

I know myself. Calm as I have been for the past few weeks I think Wednesday night might have been sleepless. Objectively, I would probably have been fine with my original itinerary but the cost to my peace of mind was too much. I changed my reservation. Now I am leaving a day early and flying through Minneapolis. Like many things in life, this was not a problem. It was an expense.

There’s such a balance between being flexible enough to make appropriate decisions on the fly and becoming so unmoored that every decision seems like the wrong one. It’s all about being able to change oneself – appropriately – in response to shifting conditions. Which is what this trip is all about.