Month: July 2013

Candles and Joss Sticks

littlealtarWhen I wrote To Set Against the Dark, I focused on the little Quan Am I brought back from Hoi An. But she has company on that shelf. Over to the left, too dark to see in this photo, is a bird’s nest I found one year in a Christmas tree. (more…)

Hearing a War Story

11-02_story_telling-300x295A year and a half ago, it might be a lifetime, I got a lesson from Coyote, which I wrote about in Story-listening. At the time I thought I was balancing Story-telling (in which, not incidentally, I told about meeting Coyote to begin with) but, looking back, I see I took Coyote’s lesson to heart. Since that time I have chosen not just to listen to stories but to listen to those that are not easy to hear, that I wish I could put behind me or move on from or convince myself are no longer relevant. I have chosen to listen to stories about the Vietnam War.  (more…)


shrineMy friend and I were sitting on the outside deck of a restaurant, having lunch. The day was a microcosm of the summer in Upstate New York so far. First the sun and humidity made us wish for the a/c inside, then a sudden downpour rattled the awning over our heads before blowing off to the east. We talked about humanitarian work in Viet Nam. (more…)