Month: October 2014

“There’s an old Vietnamese saying …”

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Vietnamese and American veterans, 2013, Binh Dinh Province, Viet Nam

In all the stories of the United States and Vietnam there runs a mysterious emotional and psychic connection that weaves through the increasingly frantic and desperate actions of the war, persists in the sad and unresolved aftermath, and shows up in the stories of individual people. (more…)

Wise and Otherwise

In one of my favorite board games the players hear the first part of a saying from a particular country or culture. They then make up an ending that they think will be convincing. The dealer gathers the responses, includes the real one, and then reads them out. The object is to guess the right ending from among the clever imposters.

For example: There’s an old Welsh saying, “The first to be a thief …”

Or this one: There’s an old Japanese saying, “The road of time … ”



10703518_4717179543178_3291343549720035313_nMark and I have been assembling, discussing, ordering, and editing his writing about his two tours in Vietnam for a little over a year now. We have taken care of the thorniest problems, come to agreements about what to leave in and what to delete, and now it is mostly a question of me working my editing magic on the rest. (more…)