Month: November 2014

Beyond ‘thank you’

Yesterday I wrote in Point of View that connection is an act of peacemaking, that connection subverts the forces of war. Today I listened to Sebastian Junger speak about Why Soldiers Miss War. What he says in that talk calls my conclusion into question, or at least betrays it as the wistfulness of a civilian.

That soldiers miss war puzzles most of us who want nothing to do with it. I am uncomfortable still when Mark tells me that he misses the war. I accept it. On some level I think I “get” it – he misses the excitement, the sense of competency, the pride in doing a miserable job that no one in “the world” wants to do. (more…)

Point of View

Two writers, one American and one Vietnamese, met at a conference after the war and collaborated on a book, The Other Side of Heaven: Post-War Fiction by Vietnamese and American Writers. Wayne Karlin, who had piloted a helicopter, imagines his co-author, Le Minh Khue, who had worked to clear American bombs from the Ho Chi Minh Trail:

… I pictured myself flying above the jungle canopy, transfixed with fear and hate and searching for her in order to shoot her, while she looked up, in hatred and fear also, searching for me …