wolves-1400819_1920If you woke up this morning stunned and grief-stricken, here is a plan.

For three days you get to:

  1. Spin the globe. Look for a place you think is idyllic. Tell everyone you are going to move there.
  2. Blame anyone and everyone. Blame racists, misogynists, white people, men, Boomers, the media, Jill Stein supporters, the system, “uneducated people,” people who are clearly choosing all the things you hate, hypocrites, all the smug people saying it’s all for the best, your embarrassing relatives, anyone celebrating, and anyone who is coping differently than you are. Blame them all. Write them furious letters. Call down elaborate Celtic curses on their heads. FEEL it.
  3. Binge-read analysis. Post articles. Reload Facebook every 90 seconds.
  4. Lament. Wail. Know for sure that this is the end of the world. Believe every dire prediction. Jump on your horse and ride off in all directions. Be afraid. Wallow in it. Be judgmental. Revel in it.


  1. Breathe. Watch your breath. Watch it happen.
  2. Stay hydrated. (This is not trivial. You will need your brain cells.)
  3. Eat. Or not. Sleep. Or not. Talk to other people. Or not. Do whatever you need to do to take care of your body and spirit.

At the end of three days:

  1. Stop the globe. Put your finger on the place you live. This is your home and you are needed here.
  2. Accept the election. It is a reality. Nothing good can happen next without accepting reality.
  3. Put yourself in the company of people who will not quit. Help pick someone else up. Form new communities with new and maybe unexpected allies. Take steps to understand someone you don’t understand. Take it slowly. You are not alone.
  4. Feel your heart. It will lead you to your courage.

You have three days. At the end of three days you will be ready to get to work. You will know when you need to oppose and when you need to build. You will know who you want to be with for the next journey. You will know what to do. You have three days. Make the most of them.