April 18, 2018 § Leave a comment

High school. It was a LONG time ago and, honestly, I thought I had walked away and left it behind. “Moved on,” as they say. I was awkward, self-conscious, fearful of all kinds of judgment, retreating to what made me feel alive and passionate. Maybe it is that way for everyone and it’s one of the tragedies of high school that we don’t know that about each other.

There’s the school, looking all vintage and not nearly as intimidating as it seemed back then. And there’s the wall where the cool kids gathered and I might have sat on it to wait for a ride because I think I remember the feel of the stones. That building is gone now, torn down right after our graduation. And as one of the classmates said, “you know you are old when the school that replaced the school you went to has also been torn down.”

So, since at the time I was simultaneously sure that everyone was looking at me and also that I was invisible, imagine my surprise when a significant high school reunion approached and several of the more outgoing classmates did a huge amount of work to locate as many classmates as they could and I was on the list! Reunions were being organized! “Reunions,” in the plural! It was valiant, and community-building, and optimistic! Naturally I didn’t go. Decades have passed but some things have not changed.

Then the birthdays started to happen, the significant, landmark, Boomer birthday began rolling through the class, with those who had achieved it sending messages back that, really, it was not so bad, and I could see that it wasn’t because they were all so lively, and energetic, and funny. And today it’s my turn and I remember back to the days, high school maybe, when I thought this age was just simply impossibly old, and now here I am and I don’t feel old at all.

Now I’m getting announcements and reminders from the high school organizers (extroverts are always extroverts – I used to be envious and now I see how much falls to them to do) for a group birthday party to take place in June, with the band that played for everything in high school and is still together and still playing, at what they are calling the Very Senior Prom.

I don’t know … it’s taken a long time, but this high school class is growing on me.



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