About the Writing

The best explanation for what this blog is doing comes from my conversation with Coyote in Coyote’s Advice. There he goads me into staking this claim:

I write about stories and how they are made. The good ones are always about how what we see, what we want to see, what others want us to see, collides with what we can’t see, what we sense, what we don’t want to see, what is hidden or secret, even – maybe mostly – from ourselves.

Most recently and for the foreseeable future, blog posts are about how stories are made out of the American encounter with Viet Nam.

And Coyote? He showed up in the produce department of Wegman’s back when I was sorting out what to do with the blog (Story-telling) and he hangs around, always taking the contrarian view, and managing to leave me under the impression that his opinion was mine all along.