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In which Coyote teaches me to listen to stories in the appropriate frame of mind.

“Tell me a story,” I demanded.

‘Demanded’ might be too strong a word because I meant it as a compliment. Coyote tells such good stories and I love losing myself in them. Like the year at Christmas when I heard The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for the first time and I listened while I was looking deep within the tree and I thought I had actually got into Narnia somehow.

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I come from a storytelling culture. We don’t hold events for children in libraries but we do tend to see amazing things and to want to recount them. Given a chance we will tell every incident in the form of a story. Some people call it rambling and want us to get to the point but we think they need to slow down, smell the roses.

We think nothing, nothing at all,  just happens. Everything has Characters and Intrigue. The bottom line has no punch without the journey.

This is just a news bulletin:

“I met a coyote in Wegman’s today.”


To make it a story, to make it interesting, I need context, color, plot.

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