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Susan Dixon is a Reiki Master and Teacher. She is trained in Shamballa Reiki and a twelve-chakra system that she uses to harmonize the energies of the body. In a time of political and cultural unrest, her method balances the body and strengthens weaknesses. She focuses on empowerment and wisdom.

Reiki is a healing modality in which universal energy is channeled through the practitioner’s hands to the client who lies on a table, fully clothed. This method creates relaxation and calm, which supports the body’s natural healing processes. Reiki can also complement other modalities to enhance their effectiveness.

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Reiki for Empowerment

ocean-666164_640It doesn’t matter what side of the political fence you are on or what your reasons are for voting or not voting the way you did, the past weeks have been like trying to live a normal life with a low-grade fever. Life must go on but you’re dragging and a lot of energy is going into keeping a stiff upper lip. It is not sustainable, and you are beginning to know it.

You see the kindly-meant advice in your newsfeed – breathe, take time out, unplug. But your breath is shallow, you are too nervous to take time out, and you are reloading Facebook every 12 minutes anyway. You take comfort from the rise in action, the number of people who are making their voices heard about the kind of life they want, the kind of community, the kind of country. The task is daunting, though. You swing from feeling invigorated to barely being able to crawl out of bed. And still work must get done, bills paid, dinner put on the table.

You are going through an adjustment from what was to what is. The world has changed and you don’t even know how much yet and may not for a long time. If your side wins, you think, things will go back to normal, even as you know that is not possible. Things could get worse and that’s what has you waking up in a state of anxiety. They could also get better but it is hard to see that right now.

Reiki can help. It can help not so much by giving you some quiet time on a table (although nothing wrong with that) but by clearing stuck places, loosening knotted worry, easing places where worry has turned into aches. The Reiki I practice with my clients is a partnership and it is specifically designed both for comfort and for empowerment. It is designed to help you through this cultural transition we are in, leaving you strong and empowered, prepared for the bright future you have to envision first in order to get there. Let me know what your goal is, and how I can help.

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