Reiki Services

A typical session begins with a brief consultation to name the particular issue the client wants to address and set an intention. Then the client lies, fully clothed, on a table in Susan’s Reiki room and can relax and even go to sleep. Susan uses a harmonic pattern of twelve chakras, finds and strengthens areas of imbalance, and recommends strategies for maintaining strength. The session concludes with a short check-in.

60 minutes – $75.00
30 minutes – $40.00
home visit – $100.00
distance Reiki – $100.00
60–minute session, plus an essential oil consultation – $125.00

Special Focuses

The National Is Personal
Recent political developments have left many people feeling uneasy, anxious, and fearful. They are short of patience, their resiliency compromised. Their sleep may be disturbed. Personal issues that before had simply simmered now come to a full boil, draining energy away from the actions they wish to take. Susan’s Reiki addresses this new reality.

The Wisdom Age
At a certain age, women become invisible and men are expected to play golf. Interesting that this happens right when both women and men, in different ways, reach the age of wisdom. If allowed, encouraged, and guided, the years beyond 65 become productive, strong, and wise. Susan’s Reiki assists both in the transition into this stage and with the empowerment it brings.

How To Stand Tall in the Wind
This is a 12-week class for three to six people that looks at each of the twelve chakras in turn and uncovers the role it plays in maintaining a balanced and harmonic life. The class changes each time it is offered as both events and seasons change. Offered on demand. Please inquire. $300.00


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