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Winter At-Home Writers Retreats
Whether it’s a work-in-progress, or big plans, or an idea in the back of your head, winter, after the holidays, is a wonderful time to write.

Getting out of town in winter weather is always a risk, though.

Turn your own home into a retreat space, set your own goal, ask for as much accountability (or freedom) as you want, meet other writers virtually (I know we are all sick of Zoom, but it does have its uses), and celebrate your achievement.

Two-Day Weekend Retreat
Friday January 19 to Sunday January 21

Three-Day Mid-Week Retreat
Monday January 8 to Thursday January 11

What You Get
Tips on how to set up your space, clear the time, and lay in a supply of snacks
Tailored motivation and encouragement
A short-term manageable schedule
Ten-minute prompts in the morning to get you going
Zoom Get-Togethers at the end of each day

Who Is This For?
Anyone who just wants to take a few days to write, or to plan some writing,
or to brainstorm ideas……
Anyone who has a work-in-progress of any length and is plagued by procrastination…..
Anyone who wants to experiment with new writing and needs a block of time …..

Who I Am
I am experienced group leader, both in-person and on-line. I write and I also procrastinate, so I am always looking for ways to get going again.

Two Day Weekend Retreat $95
Three-Day Mid-Week Retreat $125
(payable through Venmo)

Private Editing or Coaching by arrangement

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