The Story Album Project

What if you could tell your story … and share it with others?

What if …

  • … you found some old photographs and you only recognized a few of the people but you knew they were your family?
  • … you knew there was a secret in your family because everyone got quiet at certain times?
  • … you did something extraordinary – went to a war zone, learned to skydive, quit your job to open a bakery – and you wanted to share the experience, tell people what happened?
  • … you had an exciting experience but you didn’t think it was important enough or interesting enough for anyone to care?
  • … you had a small vantage point to observe something big, like a pandemic, and you figured out how to manage during a shutdown, you observed the changes in your industry, you saw changes in yourself?

Tell your story with a STORY ALBUM

A STORY ALBUM is a book of vignettes—snapshots in words—that make the reader see through the storyteller’s eyes. The ALBUM may combine story with photographs of all kinds.


  • An e-course in writing vignettes, with self-paced lessons
  • Support in choosing a theme and stories
  • Group coaching calls for community and support
  • Individual coaching as needed
  • Final project: finished album

Some projects may be completed quickly, while others may require interviewing family members or collecting information. The program adapts to these needs.

WHEN – The PROJECT begins on 1 August 2021. The goal for everyone is a completed album that may be printed in duplicate to be used as holiday gifts.

COST – $197, including one printed album
Note: this is a pilot program. After the summer of 2021, the price will increase.

Please contact me with questions or to reserve a spot, using the contact link above.

I accept payment by Venmo, Paypal, credit card, through Square, or personal check by mail.