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Seeing in the Dark

It is said that when Druids were in training they would spend hours at a time in stone beehive huts, utterly in the dark, so as to be able to memorize the enormous body of knowledge their culture held. Nothing was written down.

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Show’s over, folks. And didn’t October do A bang-up job? …. Maggie Dietz, “November,” in That Kind of Happy (The University of Chicago Press, 2016)

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“Haint” is an Appalachian world for a spirit, a ghost, a haunt. My mother saw one once. This is about when I heard one.

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Work In Progress

Once upon a time …. I found a story. I was working on a project (my doctoral dissertation) where I had to show that what I said was True. I had to have Documentation. And Footnotes. But I couldn’t prove that my story…

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